2018 I Love PE Wine Show goes green & joins forces with Kerrygold!

The I Love PE Wine Show, now in its’ third year, has been approached to join forces with leading Irish brand, Kerrygold! A traditional match made in heaven, as cheese and wine have been in a decadent affair for many years in the wine industry! Thus, the perfect partner for the 2018 I Love PE Wine Show!

Kerrygold is a proud Irish brand whose cows graze freely on Ireland's lush green meadows. The grass that Kerrygold cows feed of is rich in beta carotene, giving Kerrygold butter and cheese its signature golden colour and delicious taste and texture. The much-loved dairy brand was established in 1961 and continues to be enjoyed all around the globe. In South Africa, Kerrygold has eight unique products on offer, all of which are available at selected retail outlets throughout the country and naturally, at this year’s I Love PE Wine Show.

“In our opinion, the collaboration is a perfect fit! Not only does their motto, ‘Because taste is everything’ resonate with the entire purpose of enjoying wine but their ethos of quality-driven products stands parallel to our goal of hosting a high-quality wine show. The perfect team!” says Robyn.

The theme of Kerrygold will be carefully woven into the feel of the wine show, with guests entering on long, green grass carpets, replacing the red-carpet glamour with farm-style cheekiness. The d├ęcor will transform into wood palate lounges, cowhide ottomans and long banqueting barn tables but will always maintain a sense of style. All elements of the theme blend beautifully this year, as the exposed brick and grey tones of the Tramways Building finish the scene.

Details for the show can be found on the I Love PE Wine Show Facebook page!

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